The company ZAKOMA Packing Foods – Wholesale Trade of Household Articles S.A. was established by the Government’s Gazette No 1390/8-6-1988, S.A. Reg. No: 17285/62/B/88/108. The company’s Head-office is situated in the municipality of Thermi, prefecture of Thessaloniki, 12 km east of the center of Thessaloniki and 3,5 km from the “Macedonia” airport.
The company’s object is the wholesale trade of household and seasonal articles as well as the packing of legumes, rice and sugar. The 35% of the sales results from legumes, rice and sugar. In addition the company packs with the fa?on procedure approximately 400 tons of sugar for its clients. The remaining 65% of the sales results from household items, seasonal items, items in plastic, garden and outdoor items, party items and toys that count approximately 1.500 articles.
In 1994 the company began importing goods directly and exclusively from official companies of the European Union with the purpose of distributing them in the Greek market. Moreover in 1999 the company began importing seasonal articles from China such as Christmas and summer items as well as lighters which also distributes in the Greek market.
The sales for the year 2000 were 8,5 million €, for the year 2001 9,7 million € and for the year 2002 13 million €.
Regarding the electronic data processing sector the company is fully equipped and also manages a receiving order system supported by hand handle equipment. This particular system enables the central warehouses to order the desired goods through the Internet.
In October 2003 the company was certified for installing and applying the HACCP system which will be in force until October 2006. Regarding the above mentioned sector the company has recently acquired new machinery and distributes the above products under a new package. The company has also the possibility to pack legumes, rice, sugar and sugar portions for account of third parties (fason – own label products).
One of the company’s immediate strategic goals is the packing of dried nuts according to the HACCP system.

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